Comics For A Cause is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to raise funds by creating, publishing and marketing quality comic books, t-shirts and other paraphernalia. 100% of the net profits from sales are donated to charitable organizations. For sponsorships, submissions and general inquiries, please email us at
Dario Carrasco, Jr. has worked for the comics industry for many years since his first work appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics: Alpha Flight #125. Since then he took different fill-in pencilling work including his take on Captain America, What If?, Northstar, Marvel Action Hour featuring Iron Man, Pinhead and Night Thrasher. In 1994 Dario's career took off when he was hired as an ongoing penciller for Star Wars Tales of the Jedi series for Dark Horse Comics. His last project was Star Wars Jedi Academy in 1998. He doesn't stop there. He's contiued on working on his own projects and one of his best creations is the Mask of The Gargoyle. Although Dario has been picking up smaller projects for Digital Webbing and from the Underworld creator Kevin Grevioux, his passion takes him to doing charity work and founded his non-profit program called Comics For A Cause. Dario believes that he can help in a different way by using his God given talent: creating comics.

Dario is proud to help different charity programs like the Alberta Flood Relief, but his main goal is to support the Alberta Children's Hospital and the Canadian Legion.